Resident Evil 3 Remake Reveals Several New Gameplay Features


The return of a classic it may be, but just as it did with last year’s acclaimed remake, Capcom isn’t content with just giving Resident Evil 3 a new lick of paint and calling it a day. As was the case with its predecessor, the retold story of Jill Valentine’s escape from Raccoon City has been rebuilt from the ground up and once again looks set to push the boundaries of what to expect.

That being the case, then, fans of the 1999 original should go in aware of the fact that not everything will be as they remember. Yes, Nemesis returns once more to hound poor Jill followed by a retinue of equally hellish monsters created by the Umbrella Corporation, but Capcom also hasn’t been afraid to make some key adjustments. Thanks to new footage provided by Where’s Barry over on Twitter, we now have our best look yet at some of the tweaks being made to gameplay, as well as some all-new inclusions to boot.

First up is the combat dodge. We’ve known for some time, of course, that the feature would be returning for Resi 3‘s remake, but what we’ve only recently learned is the existence of what appears to be a slow-motion mechanic meant to reward correct timing. See below for an example:

Jill isn’t the only one capable of performing evasive manoeuvres, either. Given the right circumstances, Nemesis can deftly sidestep certain projectiles, including those from a grenade launcher.

Similarly to the iconic Mr. X and Resident Evil 7‘s Jack Baker, Nemesis will have the ability to provide jump scares aplenty by smashing through solid walls. It remains to be seen though whether such sequences are strictly scripted or whether Capcom has introduced randomization to the system.

Last but not least, Where’s Barry confirms that enemy-specific death animations are making a return for Resident Evil 3, so skilled survival experts will need to intentionally let Jill die (you monster!) in order to see them all.

Excited? Us too. Fortunately, Resident Evil 3 is out in just a few short weeks on April 3rd and will be preceded by a demo due to arrive shortly. See here for all the details.

Source: Twitter