Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Day One Patch Has Been Revealed

Resident Evil 3

While the hugely anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake gears up for its debut early next month, it looks like you’ll have to set aside some time to download a day one patch before you can jump into the action-horror gameplay.

According to a new report from gaming outlet Twisted Voxel, a small day one patch for Capcom’s upcoming survival horror title has been found on the PlayStation servers. As it stands, it’s not clear how the site was able to see the patch file on the servers so early before launch, but they’ve revealed that the patch will weigh in at just 220MB, which means that fans won’t have to wait long before jumping into the blood-drenched zombie action.

But what will the day one patch actually fix? Well, specifically, the patch notes for the day one update offer just the usual nondescript “bug fixes” tag, which means it could well be anything. That said, it’s likely that this patch is a way for Capcom to iron out some of the small technical hiccups or minor glitches that the QA team has picked up late in the game’s development.

Interestingly, the official PlayStation Store has also updated Resident Evil 3 remake’s store page, which now mentions that a minimum file size of 25 GB is needed before downloading the game. This figure is around the same size as the Xbox One version. In other words, you can probably expect the final retail version of the title to require around 25 GB of hard disk space on your PS4.

With the game’s new demo now officially out in the wild, tell us, have you had a chance to give it a go yet? And have you heard that there’s even a neat little easter egg to the black sheep of the beloved survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 6, hidden in there, too? Pretty cool, eh?

Resident Evil 3 remake launches on April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.