Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Release Date

Resident Evil 3

No more than mere hours following the emergence of new rumors suggesting as such, Capcom has finally made the date official for Resident Evil 3 remake’s demo.

Breaking the news over on Twitter, the developer has confirmed that fans of the survival horror franchise can get their first taste of the reimagined threequel later this week, March 19th, ahead of next month’s full launch. Console and PC owners will have access to the demo which, like that for last year’s Resident Evil 2, will let players explore a bite-sized chunk of the wider campaign.

Keen as always to avoid spoiling anything, the developer refrains from detailing exactly which portion (and how much) of Jill’s nightmare will be present in the preview build, though I imagine it quite likely to include the majority of that showcased last week. A neat little treat for the weekend, then, but wait – there’s more!

Alongside the single-player offering, Capcom has confirmed plans to hold an open beta for asymmetrical multiplayer experience Resident Evil Resistance on March 27th, just one week before Resident Evil 3 hits retail. Those interested in putting the mode through its paces will have access to the beta through the aforementioned demo download and be able to play either as the lone Mastermind or team up with three others to coordinate their escape from all sorts of heinous experiments.

It’s currently unclear whether this, too, will be a demo rather than the full-fat experience meant to stress test servers ahead of April, but we’ll likely be privy to specific details as March draws to a close. In the meantime, you can read up about the playable maps, characters and Masterminds that’ll be included with Resistance on launch over here.

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.