Resident Evil 3 And Resistance Are Getting New Paid DLC Soon

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 3 is finally getting some paid DLC in the near future, Capcom has announced, though you might want to hold off on celebrating just yet.

While certainly not a bad installment in the franchise by any stretch of the imagination, Jill Valentine’s reimagined escape from Raccoon City has been frequently criticized for being too short, especially when compared with its predecessor, which offered heaps of replay value in the form of multiple campaigns and endings. To make matters worse, fans were disappointed by the revelation that various chunks of the original game – such as the Clocktower and multiple-choice scenarios – were completely cut from the remake, inevitably resulting in a shorter campaign.

It’s for those reasons (and no doubt many others), then, that story DLC has been top of the agenda in terms of how Capcom could potentially improve the base game. Unfortunately, though, the developer seems to disagree, as today’s announcement brings no such news. What you will soon be able to pay for, however, is Rewards Unlock DLC for Resident Evil 3, as well as new costumes for its standalone multiplayer mode, Resistance.

Admittedly, being able to cosplay as Claire Redfield and/or Leon S. Kennedy in the latter is a welcome layer of customization, though it goes without saying that the majority (including yours truly) were hoping for something more sizable for Jill’s single-player nightmare. Alas, it’s unlikely such a thing will ever materialize now, what with both Resident Evil Village and a remake of the masterpiece that is Resident Evil 4 no doubt consuming every last resource available.

Tell us, though, are you of the opinion that Resident Evil 3 would have benefitted greatly from an expansion of its narrative, or would you rather Capcom focus on making sure it doesn’t repeat said mistakes with future releases? Let us know in the usual place below!

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