Resident Evil 4 Leaker Says The Remake Won’t Be Revealed Anytime Soon

Resident Evil 4

As a landmark title not just for the series itself but the action-horror genre in general, it’s hardly surprising that fans of the original Resident Evil 4 are eager to find out more about Capcom’s rumored remake. We use that term loosely, of course, as while the developer has yet to even mention such a project, let alone confirm its existence, all signs – both via our own sources and other independents – point to the acclaimed fourth game getting its own reimagining in the near (relatively speaking) future.

One major caveat to the proverbial cat being let out of the bag, early, however, is that fans are facing an excruciatingly long wait until Capcom is finally ready to make the leak official. Indeed, according to the latest details shared by prolific insider AestheticGamer, the gaming public could be waiting upwards of another year until a return trip to rural Europe to take on the cult-like Los Illuminados is cemented as fact.

Responding to one follower’s queries in regards to whether fans should expect Resident Evil 4‘s remake to be in a presentable form sometime this year, AestheticGamer responds simply with: “RE4 Remake is happening. RE4 Remake will not be shown this year.”

Disappointing to hear, no doubt, but not exactly unexpected. With Resident Evil 8 on course to arrive sometime in 2021, Capcom will quite rightly want the sequel to be getting the lion’s share of attention, a desire that would be all but impossible, were it to confirm that a remake of what’s considered to be one of the greatest games of all time was in the works.

In other words, don’t expect to hear even a squeak about Resident Evil 4 until after the release of RE8 at the very earliest. Until then, though, you can find everything we know so far about the former by heading over here.