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Resident Evil 6 To Infect Current Consoles, According To Korean Ratings Board

Resident Evil 6 has the chance to correct past mistakes, if rumors of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 re-release prove true.

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I could fill a novel listing every little thing Resident Evil 6 did wrong at launch. Chief among them: enemies, alive or dead, did not react to weapons fire; bosses persisted in their pursuit of the characters, despite several dozen defeats; quick-time events required reflexes unobtainable by your average mortals; vital gameplay tutorials remained hidden in the too-short-to-read loading screens; and aiming down your firearm’s sights produced a field of view so narrow you could caress Chris’s bulging muscles.

All those complaints just show, though, that poor review scores cannot keep Capcom down. According to the Korean Game Rating Board, as reported by Gematsu, the globetrotting exploits of Leon, Chris, Ada, and the rest of the franchise’s sidekicks will infect the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at an undisclosed date. While leaks are not uncommon for this industry, the Korean Rating Board did reveal the console ports of Resident Evil: Revelations ahead of schedule.


Capcom also loves to remake and re-release its roster of titles for every conceivable platform. Although Resident Evil 4 is the prime example, Capcom confirmed a January 2016 date for its Resident Evil Zero HD Remake, and the multiplayer-centric shooter Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps will arrive on PCs and PS4s soon after. Besides the Resident Evil 2 remaster, another Resident Evil game in the pipeline is not improbable (a Resident Evil 7 announcement is likely a long way off).

That is a lot of zombies, but what would you want from Resident Evil 6 on more powerful consoles? Improved graphics? All the post-launch patches of the last-gen iterations? Would Capcom throw in all the downloadable content released thus far? Perhaps you just need an excuse to relive the nightmare or see what all the ire was about.

In the meantime, give our original Resident Evil 6 review a glance, and expect more details should they come to light.

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