Resident Evil 7 Enjoys Continued Success, More Than 3 Million Units Shipped

I must admit, despite all of the pre-release trailers and demos for Resident Evil 7 telling me otherwise and Capcom’s clear-cut intention to take the series back to its roots with the sequel, I always had my reservations in regards to whether it could ever truly pull it off. Not because I doubted the developer’s ability to deliver on such a promise, but due to the stigma that had become attached to the franchise following two mediocre sequels to Resident Evil 4 and its reformat into action-horror as opposed to its original genre leanings.

Less than a month on from its release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, I, and I’m sure many others, couldn’t be happier to see one of gaming’s most iconic series’ make the successful transfer back to its original guise, no less Capcom, who has just confirmed that total shipped copies of Resident Evil 7 now exceed 3 million units.

With launch shipments having stood at 2.5 million, it means that Capcom has shipped over half a million additional copies of the game since January 24, rounding out a successful first three weeks for the title. There’s no plans to stop there, either. Capcom’s got a wealth of additional content planned for the title, the first piece of which hit PlayStation 4 earlier this month. Banned Footage Vol.1, as it’s so called, introduces a handful of new scenarios for players to experience, including a new difficulty mode, Ethan Must Die.

The future’s bright for Resident Evil 7 then, but can it go one further than its predecessors and record a third consecutive week at the top of the UK charts? Check back with us next week to find out.

Source: VideoGamer