Resident Evil Ambassadors Are Testing A Secret New Game


Capcom is once again calling on Resident Evil fans to playtest what appears to be an unannounced new installment.

Subscribers to the developer’s Resident Evil Ambassador Program have recently received a new email (thanks, Rely On Horror), cordially inviting them to register interest in one such session, the first of which is scheduled to take place next month, February 29th, in Tokyo. New York, Los Angeles and Frankfurt, Germany are the three other locations listed as being involved, for which there are only two entry requirements: to be an Ambassador and over the age of 18.

Unsurprisingly, the open letter makes no specific mention of what successful applicants will actually be going hands-on with during their visit, but it’s unlikely to be Resident Evil 8.

The sequel, which is largely expected to be in active development at Capcom HQ, has recently found itself the subject of troubling rumors.

According to comments made by reliable insider AestheticGamer, the publisher actually rebooted the project several months ago following dissatisfaction with the sequel’s original iteration. If true, it seems unlikely that Capcom would be in a position to offer attendees access to a playable version of the eighth mainline series entry. Likewise, the close proximity of Resident Evil 3‘s release date makes it an unlikely candidate, though some last-minute feedback for the remake’s online multiplayer component isn’t entirely outside the realms of possibility.

For what it’s worth, AestheticGamer does claim that an unannounced Resident Evil title is currently in the works and is on course to be released sometime in 2021. What this mystery title turns out to be is anyone’s guess, of course, but assuming the process of elimination above is accurate, fans could finally have reason to hope for a reboot or reimagining of Resident Evil Outbreak. But that’s just our take.

Let us know what mystery Resident Evil game you think (or hope) Capcom is working on behind closed doors in the usual place below!