Resident Evil Fan Spends 10 Years Putting Together 2,700-Page Timeline

Resident Evil 4

No, there are no typographical errors in that title. Since 2006, Resident Evil superfan TheBatMan has been tirelessly dissecting the entirety of Capcom’s beloved survival horror franchise, with the aim of documenting every event, big or small, to have occurred in the universe since its inception way back in 1996. By way of a recent interview with Eurogamer, the timeline’s creator reveals that initial versions of the timeline began on the fansite Biohaze, where it had yet to balloon into the 2,700-page document that it is today.

As for why TheBatMan has dedicated so much his free time to documenting the series’ entire canon, they say the decision was born out of a desire to prove that Resident Evil‘s long-running narrative is far deeper and intricate than many believe it to be, and a far cry from the one-dimensional, nonsensical fluff that its since come to be associated with, thanks, in no small part, to Paul W.S. Anderson’s cinematic adaptation. It goes without saying, of course, that the budding historian doesn’t consider the latter to be canon and has therefore omitted it entirely from the timeline.

In fact, only those games developed directly by Capcom Japan (as well as several animated films) are eligible for this tome of monolithic proportions, which is free for all to read over on Resident Evil Podcast (link below).

It goes without saying, that if you’ve been struggling to find some decent reading material as of late, TheBatMan’s comprehensive creation has you covered for the foreseeable future. For an idea of the scope you’re looking at here, the first chapter begins thousands of years prior to the original game and details the earliest contact made by humans with the Progenitor virus, as well as the prehistoric Las Plagas first introduced in Resident Evil 4.

Oh, and you can expect that impressive page count to grow even further next year when Resident Evil Village arrives on next-gen consoles. From what we’ve seen so far, there’s going to be plenty of shocking story developments and we can’t wait to read TheBatMan’s inevitable write-up.