Project Resistance Is Being Roasted By Angry Resident Evil Fans


Capcom’s long-awaited reveal of Project Resistance has finally arrived and early reactions on social media aren’t pretty.

In fact, the spinoff Resident Evil title has been attracting overwhelming negativity from fans over on Twitter, many of which take issue with the game’s departure from single-player survival horror. For the unaware, Capcom revealed the first gameplay of its latest side project at Tokyo Game Show last night, confirming earlier suspicions that it would be taking a crack at the asymmetrical multiplayer genre.

Similar to the likes of Dead By Daylight, Evolve (rest in peace) and Friday The 13th: The Game, Project Resistance is a 4v1 affair that pits four hapless human players against one other – usually antagonistic – player. In this case, the so-called Mastermind has control of several different systems intended to prevent Resistance‘s four survivors from making an escape. Entrenched in Resident Evil lore as it is, zombies, Lickers and even the terrifying Mr. X is at the Mastermind’s disposal, the last of which can be directly controlled.

A little derivative, perhaps, but as far as Resident Evil spinoffs go, this one certainly has promise. Some fans, however, aren’t convinced. See below for just a small sample of the outrage:


That last criticism, in particular, appears to be the central cause for the majority of fan disappointment. Ever since the initial leaks outing Project Resistance‘s main cast, fans had been hedging their bets on a Resident Evil: Outbreak revival but alas, those hopes and dreams have been unceremoniously crushed. On the bright side, Capcom will now be acutely aware of the fanbase’s demand for an Outbreak reboot and who knows, if demand is high enough, it could happen.

As of now, however, Project Resistance deserves a fair shot and we’ll be reserving judgement until release day.