Resident Evil HD Remakes Get Release Dates

Ready your trusty pistol, mix up some herbs and prepare for a remade zombie onslaught this September. Capcom has announced that the first month of fall is when we’ll be able to get our hands (or hard drives) on the high-definition remakes of both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X. Let’s just hope we’ll have enough inventory space.

Both games will be available as physical retail copies or as downloadable titles via both the PlayStation Network and XBOX Live. What is certainly one of the best games of all time (Resident Evil 4) will rise from the grave on September 20, while Code Veronica fans will have to wait another seven days.

Japanese gamers are the lucky ones, as they’ll be getting an amazing special edition boxed set. But, we’re just happy to be able to play these in HD. It’ll be the first time either one of these will be available for a Microsoft console.

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