Resident Evil Village Fan Art Imagines Lady Dimitrescu As A Pokémon

Resident Evil Village

Despite being just one of four lords Ethan has to eliminate in his quest to rescue Rose from Mother Miranda, Resident Evil Village‘s Lady Dimitrescu has proven to be far more popular with fans of the survival horror franchise than her siblings. A somewhat unsurprising outcome, of course, given her striking appearance and abnormal size, two qualities that immediately saw the vampiric castellan become the face of Capcom’s marketing campaign for the sequel.

As is the case for all things that secure a place in wider pop culture, gamers have shown their adoration of Lady D since her debut with near-endless fan art and cosplay attempts, but this latest addition to the pile is a little different, to say the least. Revealed yesterday by comic creator and Twitter user Wooden Plank Studios as part of its weekly ‘Fakemonday’ segment is Mominatrix – a Pokémon inspired by the character.

See for yourself below:

For the sake of extra authenticity, the artist has assigned the Dark-type to Mominatrix, with the design itself incorporating Dimitrescu’s hat and dress. Naturally, the Fakemon has gone down a treat on social media and Wooden Plank has floated the idea of creating a follow-up pre-evolution based on Alcina’s three children.

Those who have played through the entirety of Village will know that Dimitrescu undergoes a monstrous mutation at the climax of the castle area after Ethan stabs her with a poisonous dagger, though it’s safe to say that ‘Pokéfying’ that form would require a considerable redesign to fit the franchise’s family-friendly aesthetic.

Anyone interested in seeing more of Wooden Plank Studios’ work can hit the link below and if you’ve yet to experience Resident Evil Village, see here for WGTC’s review.