Resident Evil Village Mod Adds Leon Kennedy As Playable Character

Resident Evil 4

If you’re not fond of Ethan Winters as a lead protagonist in Resident Evil Village, fans have created just the thing for you. Recently revealed by community member JTeghius Kittius, owners of the survival horror sequel on desktop can now get download and install a file that introduces none other than Leon Kennedy. As is usually the case with these sorts of alterations, you’ll first need to install prolific modder FluffyQuack’s manager in order to get all the appropriate files working.

Assuming all the necessary steps up to this point have been completed properly, the next time you load up the game, it’ll be in third-person mode (another fan-made creation), with Leon, as he appeared in Resident Evil 4, ready and waiting to notch up some Lycan kills on his already impressive résumé of experience dealing with bioweapons. It’s worth noting, of course, that this change is purely cosmetic and a result of splicing together several assets from existing titles.

JTeghius Kittius notes how the end result is a collaborative effort between themselves and another user, ZOMBIEALI, the latter being responsible for providing textures and models for Leon’s appearance in Village. Interestingly, while the likeness was ripped straight from 2019’s remake of the second game, everything from the neck down was borrowed from the series’ recent crossover with Dead by Daylight.

As always, we should point out that as an unofficial update, bugs and technical issues are somewhat to be expected if you do opt to give the mod a go, especially as Resident Evil Village was never designed to be played from any other perspective but the more intimate first-person.