Resident Evil Village Sets New Series Record On Steam

Resident Evil Village

The latest entry in Capcom’s beloved survival horror series is finally here, and it’s going down a storm online.

Yes, the gates to Resident Evil Village‘s titular setting are now wide open, welcoming fans to explore its snow-touched streets and the dark secrets it hides in plain view as hapless protagonist Ethan Winters finds himself caught up in yet another terrifying scenario several years after RE7. This time, the catalyst for his actions is the abduction of his daughter Rose, with Ethan left with no choice but to infiltrate a strange cult infatuated with the enigmatic Mother Miranda and her servants.

Indeed, it’s another deliciously dark tale for gamers to get stuck into and it seems they’ve been doing just yet. According to ScreenRant, Village has now set a series record on Steam for most concurrent players, which comes at the same time that it’s breaking records over on Twitch.

See for yourself down below:

Yes, Village is now the first game from the franchise to surpass more than 100,000 peak concurrent players on Steam, an impressive feat to be sure. And one that’ll surely lead to huge sales numbers for the title. It’ll be a bit of a wait until we get some concrete data on that front, but no doubt it’s moving a lot of copies.

Reviews have been mostly positive across the board, too, with everyone finding much to like about Capcom’s new nightmare. How it’ll ultimately go down in the history books when it comes to ranking the series’ various entries remains to be seen, but as of now, it certainly looks like Resident Evil Village has a good chance of finding its way near the top of that list.