Resistance Dual Pack Coming July 5 With Bonuses

If you’ve never fought a Chimera in your life, this is your best opportunity to pick up a gun and shoot those ugly aliens. Sony announced through their US PlayStation Blog that they will be releasing a Resistance Dual Pack on July 5 in North America, featuring the first two games in the series. This combination pack allows you to play through two of the best shooters on the PS3 for a low, affordable price of $39.99.

Not only that, but you’ll also save ten dollars with the included Resistance 2 bonus content:

– Aftermath Map Pack
– Skin Bundle
– Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon

Also included is a Capelli skin for Resistance 3’s multiplayer mode. Show off your skills in style, wearing a beanie on the top of your head as the aforementioned soldier.

Enlist in the Chimeran War boot camp this July 5, to make sure you’re ready for the alien (and human) competition in Resistance 3 on September 6. Nathan Hale needs you!