Respawn May’ve Accidentally Leaked A New Apex Legends Weapon


For those that missed it, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment posted its most recent check-in with fans over on Reddit yesterday. As is the custom for regular sit-rips such as this, Respawn acknowledged the current hot topics being discussed among gamers – including wonky hitbox detection issues as well as frame rate inconsistencies on PC – and shared its own thoughts on each, but it might have also made a slip-up with the post’s accompanying banner art.

An image sitting at the tip-top of the Reddit thread shares a close-up view of premium legend Mirage holding what appears to be an unreleased weapon. The way in which the picture is cropped leaves a large portion of the potential new firearm out of view, but it certainly doesn’t resemble any weapon currently available in-game. You can take a glance at the image in question below to see if you can’t make an educated guess on what it might be.

Given the mystery weapon’s general shape, it seems most likely that Mirage is holding some form of assault or marksman rifle, though with Apex Legends‘ armory drawing heavily from Respawn’s futuristic Titanfall series, it could just as likely be something straight out of science fiction. There is, of course, every chance that the gun depicted is simply an existing one caught at a strange angle, but either way, it raises the interesting question of when Respawn plans to introduce new tools of the trade for its battle royale title.

Just one new addition, the Havoc Rifle, has been made to the supply crates littered throughout Kings Canyon, leaving much to be desired in the way of new toys to play around with. That being said, Respawn has confirmed numerous times in the past that further options will become available in the near future, with at least one planned to arrive during the course of Season 1. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Reddit