Respawn Remains Tight-Lipped Over Apex Legends Season 1 Start Date


Ever since Apex Legends quietly slipped into the public domain to become Fortnite‘s biggest competitor for the battle royale crown, fans have been pondering one all-important question: when does Season 1 begin?

Similarly to Epic Games’ aforementioned title, Apex developer Respawn Entertainment has laid bare its plans to introduce seasonal content into its own genre entry, but even now, more than a month after release, nobody quite knows when that’ll be. The absence of any official details certainly isn’t down to a lack of interest, either. Since shortly after launch, swathes of leaks and rumours suggesting a March release window for Apex Legends‘ Battle Pass have surfaced but with only two weeks to go until the calendar rolls over into April, that date is looking increasingly unlikely.

With the player base ultimately still none the wiser as to when the big day is due to arrive, many have taken to social media in order to ask Respawn CEO Vince Zampella personally, if he has a specific release date in mind. To his credit, Zampella did come back with an answer, though probably not the one impatient onlookers were hoping for. Zampella simply answered “Yes” to the multitude of queries doing the rounds which, predictably, didn’t go down all too well with the masses.

Has the whole affair resulted in a sense of justified disappointment, or is this yet another case of self-entitlement on behalf of certain players? In truth, neither side is innocent. Respawn has been bigging up Apex Legends‘ first batch of seasonal content for what feels like an age, a long period of wait not helped by its own hiccups and likewise, overzealous data miners increasing expectation levels tenfold.

Either way, if Apex Legends‘ first Battle Pass truly is on the cards for a March release date, Respawn still has a fortnight left to meet that target. If that date has slipped into April though, then it’s probably best for the developer and everyone else involved that they communicate any potential delay ahead of time.

Source: Twitter

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