Respawn Teases Dragons For Apex Legends’ Upcoming Season


OK, we admit, we’re a little baffled by this, too.

After a couple of months of rapidly dropping player counts, some rather annoying glitches, and an army of dedicated cheaters, things are looking on the up and up for Apex Legends. Developer Respawn Entertainment has put a lot of time and effort into smoothing out the overall experience and earlier today, Electronic Arts pulled back the curtain on the game’s second season, which is set to kick off in early July. Aside from a brand new electrifying Legend, a new ranked mode is in the works, too, along with a new legendary weapon dubbed the L-STAR which has the ability to open doors from afar.

Of course, that’s only a tiny portion of what Respawn has in the pipeline. Earlier today, EA showed off some new gameplay footage and teased the introduction of an all-new creature for Apex Legends. As reported by Dot Esports, a few flying beasts were spotted in the reveal video for the game’s second season.

Towards the end of the publisher’s stream on Twitch (which we’ve embedded below, for your viewing pleasure), you can catch a glimpse of a couple small dragons, along with the eye of a much larger creature. During the presentation, Respawn executive producer Drew McCoy did mention that they had new in-game events to show off, so there’s a good chance these dragons could be one of them.

It’s not entirely clear how they’ll be summoned, or if they can even be interacted with, so we’ll have to wait and see how they impact the moment-to-moment gameplay, assuming they do so at all. For the time being, it looks like we’ll just have to wait for Season 2 of Apex Legends to kick off before we can draw any concrete conclusions.