Rockstar Could Be Announcing A New Game Very Soon

Grand Theft Auto 5

While Rockstar continues to remain tight-lipped in regards to the future of a certain video game series, fans, growing increasingly frustrated over the radio silence, are pursuing all available avenues for even the slightest hint of what’s to come. We are, of course, referring to Grand Theft Auto 6 which, despite remaining wholly the stuff of rumor, is heavily expected to arrive within the next few years.

The problem, however, is nailing down a specific date in such a broad timeframe and, for that matter, where the sequel will take place. A wide of array of possibilities have been put forward – both as fan theories not claiming to be anything else and unverifiable leaks – for the latter, with a number of independent sources naming South America or, more specifically, Colombia, as one of the most likely candidates. Even goodie bags given out to employees of the studio during the holidays have hinted at such an outcome, but again, everything remains speculation until Rockstar itself says otherwise.

As for when the developer will see fit to make such an announcement remains to be seen, but word on the grapevine now points to some sort of potential reveal later this week. As spotted by GTAVINR over on Twitter, two private videos (i.e. they’re scheduled to be released but are currently unavailable for public viewing) have recently been added to the Rockstar Games YouTube account, though their contents remain a mystery.

The long-awaited reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 is one possibility, while others include clips showcasing new content for either GTA Online or Red Dead Redemption 2‘s own multiplayer counterpart. At this point, it’s impossible to say either way and with no ETA provided for when either mystery video goes live, fans could be waiting some time for the truth. As always, we’ll keep you updated on the situation as and when it changes, so stay tuned.