Grand Theft Auto 6 Setting Seemingly Teased By GTA V


If you’ve spent even a fraction of your time surfing the web recently, you’ll no doubt have seen your fair share of Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors.

The eagerly anticipated sequel, despite not being officially confirmed, let alone announced, by Rockstar, has been subject to a dizzying number of leaks over the last 12 months, though we use that term loosely. In truth, not one shred of official information concerning the title exists, though one prevailing theory has started go gain renewed traction among the series’ loyal fan base due to a number of recent developments.

Long has the community at large believed that the series will be taking a detour to South America for its latest installment, speculation that finally appears to have supporting evidence. As part of a recent update to Grand Theft Auto V‘s online component, Rockstar introduced the Diamond Casino Heist, the trailer for which showed a map of South America. Hardly indicative of anything on its own, of course, but wait – there’s more.

In a now-deleted image posted by a Rockstar employee on social media, Christmas gifts sent out by the company included a number of provocative items, to say the least. Included in the hamper were two badges (both adorned with Rockstar’s logo) stitched in the patterns of Colombia and Jamaica’s national flags.

And so we arrive at the latest development fans believe points to a southern hemisphere setting. Six Figure Temps, a drug-smuggling company referenced frequently in Grand Theft Auto V, is sponsored by Peurto Rican airline Adios Airlines. Should GTA Online players visit the fictional company website in-game, they’ll be greeted with a general knowledge quiz on, you guessed it – South and Central America.

Is this definitive proof that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be leaving Liberty City and Los Santos behind? Not at all, but it certainly seems increasingly likely that Rockstar is building up to such a reveal. Watch this space for more.