Rocksteady Shows You What To Expect From Batman: Arkham Knight In September And Beyond


We’ve already been spoiled with the announcement that Batman: Arkham Knight is getting its own spin-off DLC featuring Catwoman in October, but Rocksteady’s not content with leaving things there. In a trailer showcasing various updates coming to the quintessential Batman game this September, the developer revealed a heap of new activities and content for players to get excited about.

First up is a skin for the Batmobile – released yesterday – that lets players get behind the wheel of Christopher Nolan’s reimagined Tumbler vehicle. In addition to that, more Nightwing challenge maps are on their way. However, what you won’t have seen in the trailer is confirmation by Arkham Knight’s director, Sefton Hill, that Rocksteady plan to release a batsuit inspired by the Nolan film series in the future.

Sefton made the announcement via Twitter, stating that it was a highly-requested piece of content, but will take a while to complete due to the complexity of Batman’s design.

We’ve had a lot of requests for the batsuit to go with the Tumbler. We hear you so we’re going to make it happen! the suits take a very long time to build because of the insane amount of detail. Expect it near the end of the year.

Good stuff, indeed, as it’s becoming more and more feasible that players will be able to re-enact their favourite scenes from The Dark Knight trilogy. Now all we need are some appearances from Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman and we’re all set.

Source: IGN