Rumor: New Microsoft Console Dev Kits At EA Studio

According to an unknown source who spoke to Develop, development kits for the next Microsoft console could be in the hands of Electronic Arts, at one of their major studios. The source claims to not work for either EA or Microsoft, and could not provide any specific details about the hardware other than the fact that it was shipped to the studio last month, in a PC shell.

The source felt that an E3 reveal and a 2012 launch date (for competition with Nintendo’s Wii successor) could be in the works. Though a source close to Eurogamer added a note to the Develop article, stating that it’s unlikely that a Microsoft console will be revealed at E3.

We’ll keep you updated if more news surfaces about this rumor. It’s curious timing considering Microsoft just recently launched the Kinect, which is lacking a good library of software. When that peripheral was announced, many thought it would extend the XBOX 360’s lifetime by quite a while. Maybe not though.

Your thoughts?