Rumor: Next Prince Of Persia Screenshot Leaked


A post on the official Prince of Persia forums this weekend has revealed an image that is said to be a leaked screenshot from an unannounced Price of Persia game, labeled “POP_ZERO_2“. If the screenshot is legitimate, it appears that Ubisoft’s next PoP game will be a reboot, that stars a different Price in an ancient Egypt setting.

The “POP_ZERO_2” file name in the screenshot is significant, as it coincides with the name “Prince of Persia Zero“. That working title was first mentioned by ex-Ubisoft art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, who used it in a CVG interview in reference to a canned 2008 reboot of the series. That canceled game was said to be set in a “contemporary world”, so it makes sense that Ubisoft would now be referring to a new reboot as “Prince of Persia Zero 2“.

None of this is confirmed at this point, so take it all with a grain of salt. If any more information about the origins of this screenshot come to light though we will let you know.

Source: NeoGAF, Prince of Persia forums

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