First Run Of Twisted Metal Comes With Free Twisted Metal Black

I gotta say, the more I see of upcoming Twisted Metal, the more I want it in my hands. In a PlayStation Blog post yesterday, Game Director David Jaffe delivered a late holiday surpise with news of an incentive to pick up the game as soon as you can.

It was confirmed in a video message from Jaffe that the first run of Twisted Metal would include a voucher for hit PS2 classic Twisted Metal Black on PlayStation Network as a sort of limited edition.

This seems like a fair compromise for not including an online pass. Jaffe went public a few months ago and stated that he hates the idea of an online pass. Adding in something extra for free seems like a better deal.

The game won’t be any sort of HD re-release, and probably more akin to the recent bunch of PS2 Classics that have appeared on PlayStation Network. It’s unclear if this means that Twisted Metal Black will be available for those unlucky enough to miss out on the opportunity.

Twisted Metal Black was a good one too. It may be ten years old, but it was the first turn that Twisted Metal took on a more darker and gritty style, instead of being more over-the-top and humorous like all the games on the PSOne.

Twisted Metal is scheduled for release February 14, 2012 exclusively on PS3.

What say you, gamers? Does that hasten your decision to pick up a game? Wouldn’t this be a great idea for other games in place of an online pass?