Nolan North Wants Ryan Reynolds To Cameo In New Deadpool Game


Somewhat buggy and derivative of other games in the genre it may be, but High Moon Studios’ Deadpool has established something of a cult following since it released back in 2013. Preceding the film franchise that would ultimately elevate the foul-mouthed anti-hero to new heights of popularity in 2016, this take on the character, much like Ryan Reynolds’ acclaimed portrayal, leaned into Deadpool’s unconventional behavior and offbeat humor and was brought to life by prolific voice actor Nolan North.

In a recent interview with, in fact, North recalled that Reynolds, as a fan of his, took some inspiration from the former’s performance for his own version of Wade Wilson, a role overlap that would eventually lead to the pair becoming acquainted. Reynolds, of course, is scheduled to make his return as Wilson’s alter ego in a future third film and North, it seems, would love nothing more than to reprise the part, too.

Making no secret of the fact that he’s been pushing for Marvel to give a sequel to the game the go-ahead, he says that if the campaign turns out to be successful, a cameo role for Reynolds would have to be a shoo-in.

“I’m trying to get Marvel to do another Deadpool video game, and we could have Ryan come on and do a cameo in the video game,” said North.

But what are the chances that Marvel would give such a project the thumbs up? Well, that’s not for us to say with any certainty, but given the success of Insomniac’s PS4-exclusive Spider-Man and Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers, there’s no shortage of proof that superhero games can work.

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