Ryse: Son Of Rome Rises On PC This Fall, Sequel Could Be On PS4


Microsoft’s much talked-about Xbox One launch title, Ryse: Son Of Rome, will hit PC this fall with its most notable upgrades being visual improvements and the support of 4K resolution. Although it’s hard to imagine the game looking any more impressive, leave it to Crytek to find a way.

What really needs to be asked though, is if even more stunning graphics will actually make Ryse: Son Of Rome a better game. Being brutally honest, it won’t. The issues with this game never stemmed from its graphical prowess; as a matter of fact, it’s still one of the best-looking games of the new generation.

Making the pretty even prettier isn’t going to mitigate the repetitive gameplay shortcomings. Seriously, Ryse: Son Of Rome was “Mash X: The Game,” where you fought the same three enemy models over and over again; a skinny dude, a buff dude and a fat dude. Even more embarrassing was that these character models would repeat themselves multiple times within the same flight.

I guess this is good news for those who don’t own an Xbox One but want to experience some brainless Roman empire sword and sandal action; however, it’s a pointless endeavour for the rest of us. Making a bad game prettier isn’t going to fix anything.

In other news, Crytek mentioned that a sequel to Ryse isn’t totally out of the question, and that they are waiting for Xbox One to amass a larger user base. If that never happens, they are considering taking the franchise multi-platform, as Microsoft does not own the IP.

Nevertheless, you can look forward to being able to play Ryse: Son Of Rome on PC this fall.

Source: Destructoid

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