Scarecrow Hijacks Your Console In New Batman: Arkham Knight Demo


Sony’s E3 2014 press conference was unfortunately plagued with audio and microphone issues throughout the night, so when a blur of static began interrupting the free-flowing combat portion of the Batman: Arkham Knight demo presentation, it genuinely seemed that the entire game was crashing. The glitch-fest that was Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t providing much optimism, either.

Nevertheless, the static interference was revealed to be intentional, as notorious Batman nemesis Scarecrow interrupted the game – and the entire press conference to boot – mentioning that Gotham would be plunged into absolute chaos. You know, the usual superhero villain motives. In all honesty, we should have seen the trick coming (you know you remember that “shake the middle stick” nonsense from the previous games).

Truthfully, the execution of the stunt at a press conference was pretty awesome, and made for one of the most memorable moments from E3. In addition to messing with the minds of gamers, though, the demo also showed off some impressive graphics, vehicular combat with the Batmobile, and some refined elements of hand to hand combat.

You can watch it in its entirety below, but to summarize, let’s just say that Batman: Arkham Knight being delayed until 2015 is a heart-breaker. The game looks that sweet.