First Screen From Alan Wake’s Night Springs Looks Perfect

Just in time for Alan Wake’s Night Springs’ big debut at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, Game Informer revealed the first screenshot from the game, showing Alan Wake emulating Al from Home Improvement with his love for plaid and nail gun in tow. I’m really trying to contain my excitement here, but any Alan Wake news is enough to make me squeal like a schoolgirl.

Although not an official sequel to the first game, Night Springs is set to be released on XBLA instead of on a standard disc. This worked really well for the extra episodes released after Alan Wake, so hopefully Remedy can keep up their streak of awesomeness in Night Springs. The sign in the background says that Wake is about 15 miles away from Night Springs, so maybe there will be some interesting happenings at the Desert Shore Motel?

Just like the series, everything is a big mystery wrapped in another riddle that’s clouded in a shroud of darkness. Keep your eyes open for more information on Alan Wake’s Night Springs, and if you haven’t played Alan Wake yet, then go get it before night falls on your little town.