Season 2 Of The Last Door Enters Early Access


Venturing into Steam Early Access this week (and aptly so, given the time of year), is the second season of the pixelated, point-and-click horror game, The Last Door. It is currently available in its primitive form for $7.99/£5.59.

Season 1’s four episodes were originally made available on the game’s official site before being compiled, along with some new bonus material, into one package as The Last Door – The Collector’s Edition, which is now available on Steam. The second season looks to go down a similar route, with the promise of bonus bells and whistles in the form of Steam achievements and all new mini-sodes.

The game is set in the Victorian era and promises to deliver classic atmospheric chills, being said to have been influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. It is deliberately designed to resemble the graphical simplicity of an old point-and-click adventure, similar to the style of LucasArts’ original Secret of Monkey Island series. You can read the synopsis from the game’s Steam page below.

Be warned, though, you may want to play the first season before reading to avoid any spoilers.

“In Season 2 of the award-winning hit The Last Door, delve further into the madness of the Veil as Dr. John Wakefield, psychiatrist to Season 1’s protagonist Jeremiah Devitt. Setting out in search of his client who has mysteriously vanished, Wakefield is soon drawn into the haunting web of forbidden knowledge, madness, and a much deeper conspiracy hiding it all than he ever could have imagined. As his search takes him beyond England, will he find his missing client? Or will he merely find that he, too, is about to become lost in the search for the Last Door?”

If you do fancy an eerie stroll down the grimy streets of Victorian England this Halloween, then Season 1 can be purchased from Phoenix Online for 75% off this week, using the code PUMPKIN50.

At present, buying season 2 of The Last Door will only get you the first episode, entitled The Playwright, which has been polished to a “near-final state,” save for a few possible bugs that the developers are still welcoming feedback for. The subsequent three episodes will be released as they are completed, with the developers aiming to have the full season released in its final form sometime in early 2016.