Section 8: Prejudice Will Drop Onto PSN This Month

TimeGate will be bringing its content heavy downloadable first-person shooter, Section 8: Prejudice, to the PlayStation Network. Finally, those who pledge allegiance to only Sony will have the chance to check out this powerful shooter that is high in replay value.

It’ll be available in North America on July 26, with a European release date slated for the next day. Price? Well, it’ll be the same as on the 360: $15.

In order to boost its PSN community from the get-go, the development team will be offering free access to the Overdrive Map Pack and a Blitz Armor Pack for the first week it’s available. Even better is the fact that the first one thousand PlayStation Plus owners who download the skydiving heavy title, will receive in-game Hunter armor and the ability to download a free digital copy of the original Section 8. Those are some pretty great incentives to get people up into the sky, so that they’ll jump onto the battlefield and start shooting.

This is a game that is certainly well-worth picking up if you’re a fan of multiplayer first-person shooters. Not only does it include a lot of content within its online modes, but there’s also a half-decent campaign included that isn’t just you against a ton of bots.

Check out our review and grab your motion sickness bag, because you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sky.