Serene New Trailer For Adr1ft Channels Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, First-Person Title Slated For September


Watching Alfonso Cuarón’s adorned sci-fi epic Gravity, there are many things that come to mind. First and foremost, the vacuum of space is a dark and dangerous place, but there’s also an innate beauty lurking in the skies above us, and it’s this dichotomy that will underpin Three One Zero’s upcoming first-person experience (FPX), Adr1ft.

Headed up by Adam Orth – yes, that “deal with it” Adam Orth – the mesmerizing title has unveiled a brand new trailer that confirms the studio’s plan to launch into orbit in September, missing out on the original summer 2015 release window by a very slight margin.

In the vein of Cuarón’s aforementioned masterclass, Adr1ft will have players floating through space as a helpless astronaut. Following a catastrophic event that rips apart your utopian space station, budding explorers will be busy fending off lethal debris and other hazards as they search desperately for a means of contacting Mission Control.

If the concept wasn’t terrifying enough, publisher 505 Games has confirmed that an Oculus Rift port is also in the works, and considering that the head-mounted device isn’t expected until the early stages of 2016, Orth’s Adr1ft could very well serve as an enticing launch title when the time arrives.

At the time of writing, 505 is deliberating a price point for the FPX, with the publisher likely to settle between $20-$30 when it launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned for more coverage for Adr1ft throughout the course of E3 2015 next week.

Source: 505 Games