ADR1FT Slated To Come To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam And Oculus Rift In Summer 2015


Originally revealed back in April, Adam Orth of Three One Zero took to the stage at tonight’s Video Game Awards in order to announce that ADR1FT will launch in Summer 2015. The space-set thriller will be coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Oculus Rift.

Described on its official website as a “First-Person Experience,” ADR1FT tells the story of a lone astronaut stranded in space. Having survived whatever devastated the space station he was staying on, our hero finds himself with no memory, a dwindling supply of air and a damaged EVA suit. With limited time on his side, he must not only figure out what has happened, but also how he can get home.

The first trailer for ADR1FT debuted alongside the announcement, which can be seen above. In the brief clip, our hero, whose helmet appears to be rather oddly shaped, is slowly floating through the damaged space station. While there isn’t much action to be found in the clip, it is a rather beautiful, but tense, scene. If this small glimpse is similar to how the rest of the title will play, it could be something special.

Any interest in drifting through space with ADR1FT? Let us know what you think of Three One Zero’s debut effort in the comments section below.