Sex Scenes In Ryse: Son Of Rome Have Not Been Cut


Despite recent comments by Crytek design director P.J. Esteves that led us to believe content was being cut from the U.S. version of Ryse: Son of Rome, it appears that all versions of the game will be the exact same.

Originally, in a video interview with Gameswelt, Esteves had said that some of the more “risqué portions” had to be removed for U.S. release. See below for the original comment.

“Well, let’s just say that there are certain missions in the game that have risqué portions. I can’t talk more about it. It’s fine in Germany. That’s okay in Germany. In the Untied States, we had to cut some stuff out but, yeah, there are some. I mean it’s the Roman Empire, you know, and everyone knows what the Roman Empire was about.

In a recent update on Twitter, however, Esteves cleared up the confusion, stating that all versions of the game will be equal and his original statement was just a miscommunication. You can check out his Tweet below.

Fact: There’s no cut content in #Ryse for the U.S. All versions are 100% …uh.. viscerally equal

As one of my most anticipated next-gen titles, I’m definitely happy to hear that no content will be cut from Ryse: Son of Rome. As Esteves says, it’s the Roman Empire that they’re dealing with and as we all know, the Romans kept their festivities pretty R-rated. Hopefully Crytek doesn’t hold back on anything here as I’m really hoping to see something similar to TV’s Spartacus, a show that showed the Roman Empire in all its glory.

Ryse: Son of Rome will launch alongside the Xbox One on November 22nd. Will you be picking up the game? Let us know in the comments section below.