Shadow Complex Receives PEGI Rating For A PC Remaster

Shadow Complex

A recently added PEGI ratings listing has indicated that 2009’s Xbox exclusive Shadow Complex is being remastered for a PC release at some point in the near future. While no official announcement has accompanied this just yet, it’s highly unlikely that PEGI would incorrectly provide a rating to a game that is not genuinely in the works.

PEGI’s rating matches that of the original Xbox 360 digital title, suggesting that the game will again only be suitable for persons of ages 16 or over due to “realistic looking violence.” It’s obviously unclear at this stage whether this remastered edition will be a strict renewal of the 2009 title, or whether players can expect any additional or exclusive content to be added to the PC version, but hopefully we’ll know soon.

In 2009, Shadow Complex received mostly positive reviews. It has been said that it was one of the Xbox 360’s strongest downloadable exclusives, and was visually impressive for its time even before this attempted remastering. The game was based on a novel by Orson Scott Card and was developed by Epic Games, whom we’ll keep an eye out for more from as this news develops.