Shinobi And Crush3D From SEGA Receive Lengthy Delays

Both of SEGA’s upcoming 3DS titles have been delayed.

Officially confirmed by its American and European branches are lengthy delays for both Shinobi and Crush3D. Each were expected to release in September, but neither one will be in our hands until this winter season.

Shinobi will now be released on November 15, while Crush3D will not be available until early next year – February 21, to be exact.

The news regarding Crush3D confirms information presented at a roundtable event, by Zoe Mode’s Paul Mottram. He mentioned that “we had to delay the release of that because of the success of the platform.”

It’s too bad that both were pushed back, especially considering the device’s current lack of games. Those are two of the most anticipated 3DS titles and personally, I was really looking forward to them. Hopefully the final products are worth the wait.

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