Showcasing The Improvements Made To EA’s NHL 13 Goaltenders

Being a goaltender is a tough job because you always need to be on your toes, and that’s especially true of NHL tenders. In order to be successful in such a skilled league, those who mind the twine must have more than quick reflexes. Keeping a good sightline is another key to the trade, and so is anticipation, tasking goalies with analyzing plays on top of reacting to them. For those reasons, EA Canada decided to beef up the goalies featured in NHL 13, in order to provide a much more realistic experience.

This year’s goaltender has been dissected through the use of a developer diary, which shows the tenders’ improved sightline tracking abilities, as well as their improved limb movements during saves which previously utilized canned animations. Not to mention added user control that will task players with being more adept while in control of their team’s masked man.

NHL 13 will be released on September 11.