Shroud Offers Respawn Advice On How To Fix Apex Legends’ Terrible LTMs


Respawn is in dire need of reconsidering its approach to limited-time modes in Apex Legends.

That’s the view of popular streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzeskiek, at least, who, following a timeout from the battle royale, has recently returned to World’s Edge in order to check out Apex‘s ongoing Holo-Day Bash Christmas event. As you’ve likely come to expect having read the headline, however, the former CSGO pro wasn’t impressed with the content accompanying this particular occasion. Within moments of air-dropping into a new match, Shroud reaffirms his own suspicions over quality, stating, “Ok this is a game mode that I’m not going to play after this.”

“This game mode seems questionable,” he continues, adding, “This is going to be a one and done for sure.” For fans who have yet to give Apex‘s latest LTM a shot, Winter Express sees three teams of players battle for control of a cargo train in a similar manner to capture the flag. In a neat twist, respawns are enabled and only pre-set loadouts (rather than random world loot) are allowed. On paper, it sounds like a neat distraction from Apex‘s standard playlists, but not so, according to Shroud.

Explaining his disdain of Respawn’s current efforts, he criticizes Winter Express for its lack of a festive theme and not being experimental enough. “I think they’re trying too much to stay as Apex in their LTM. What they need to do is turn it into a different game, not Apex with a different goal. It should be something completely different.”

The career streamer isn’t entirely negative, however. In admitting that LTMs are hard to perfect, Shroud commends the Solo and Duos modes introduced earlier this year as being a welcome change over standard play but again reiterates his desire to see wackier ideas introduced in the future.

All valid criticisms, but what do you think? Are you in agreement with one of Apex Legends‘ most talented players, or do you think Respawn is already doing a terrific job? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: YouTube