5 Sick And Disturbing Video Game Moments That Will Haunt You Forever


It’s okay to like twisted shit, you know? Liking something twisted doesn’t mean you are twisted yourself. That is like assuming someone who likes country music is a f*cking cowboy. It just makes no sense. We all have dark sides, and different things appeal to those different sides of us.

For some of us, we like to experience dark and disturbing things in other mediums (like movies and games), so it puts less emphasis on it in real life. But that doesn’t mean we turn off a horror movie or a creepy-ass game and then try to go recreate that shit. It simply means we are feeding the darker aspects of our nature, so those same aspects don’t come out at some inopportune times on their own.

Wait, so I guess I AM saying we are twisted if we like twisted shit. Either way, if you like twisted shit, you must be really happy with the direction that gaming has gone in the last ten years or so. Horror in video games is fairly common now, and even finding a horrific moment in a game that isn’t horror can happen, too. Think of BioShock as a great example of that. It’s not a horror game, but it definitely has some scary moments that stick with you. Well, rest assured, the moments in BioShock are mild compared to some of the video game moments on this list.

From torturing a guy to having two people who love each other fight to the death for your enjoyment, here are five sick and disturbing moments from video games that will haunt you forever.