Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Gets Cooperative In New Gamescom Screens

Silent Hill: Book of Memories has received a lot of flack since it was unveiled to an unsuspecting public, and for multiple reasons, including its strange design elements, unexpected top-down perspective, and inclusion of both co-operative play and 2-4 player multiplayer.

Granted, when you take into account what people have come to expect from the popular survival horror series, it’s not surprising that some are complaining, especially since the game does look quite odd. However, we’ll have to wait until what sounds like October before we’ll be able to get our hands on the full thing, in order to make a justified assessment of what is a PS Vita exclusive.

At this week’s Gamescom convention in Germany, Konami unveiled an assortment of new screenshots from Silent Hill: Book of Memories, all of which focus on its friendlier modes. What you’ll see within are a few players taking on disturbing monsters from the series’ past, but it’s important to note that those characters can be customized, meaning that yours may look and act differently.

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