Sleeping Dogs – A Rather Torturous E3 Trailer

United Front Games have put up just that. Beginning their Sleeping Dogs trailer with torture may have meant that the visceral visuals that followed weren’t a surprise, but perhaps some of the story elements that emerged beneath the copious amounts of blood were.

Some have taken up arms against the gratuitous trailer, but for me the tale of an undercover cop was bound to get somewhat morally questionable and the events that emerged throughout had a painful pang of realism about them – even if the voice acting itself was somewhat questionable.

My only real concern is that the narrative arc for the entire game appears to be present within the trailer. Hopefully, the team will have plenty remaining undercover to impress us upon its August 14th release date, and if they do, this may be one sleeping dog that you won’t want to let lie.

Source: VG247

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