Sly Cooper’s Ninja Ancestor Playable In Sly 4

Sony made waves when it announced that a return to the Sly Cooper series was in the works from Sanzaru Games, the folks who put together the remastered Sly Collection. Today, a post on the PlayStation Blog showcases a new playable character; one of Sly’s old ancestors who fans of the series will remember.

Meet Rioichi Cooper. Not only does he posses one of the most culturally clashing names in history, but he was the master of the ninja spire move, which allows the Cooper Clan to land on very small points. Rioichi will be a playable character when the Cooper Gang travel to the feudal Japan era.

Players will have the ability to play as several ancestors as the gang travels through time. Each ancestor will feature unique abilities and play their own part in the overall story.

I may also be reading too much into a few of these screenshots, but does the shot below of Sly and Rioichi seem to imply that co-op may be possible?

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is scheduled for release sometime in 2012 exclusively on PS3.

What say you, gamers? I’m just playing through The Sly Collection now. I never got a chance to on the PS2, so this is a pretty exciting reveal for me!