How To Solve The Five Bells Puzzle In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village continues the series’ long tradition of including puzzle elements and while you certainly don’t need a degree to solve them, many can be surprisingly tricky.

Owing to its age and grandiosity, Castle Dimitrescu – the first major area you’ll be exploring as Ethan Winters – is chock full of secrets and ancient contraptions. Some of these are optional and will require backtracking while others, such as the unofficially named ‘five bells room,’ feature a self-contained brain teaser that you’ll need to solve in order to progress.

Upon entering the Hall of Ablution, the first point of interest you’re likely to notice is a gigantic portrait of Lady Dimitrescu. The castellan’s intimidating visage hides the entrance to a secret passage that can only be unlocked by ringing five bells of varying sizes placed throughout the room.

The first four of these can be found in the following locations:

  • On top of a dresser against the inside wall.
  • Attached to a moving clockwork device embedded in the outside wall.
  • On the floor beside an easel.
  • Inside a chandelier on the ceiling (you’ll need to shoot the light fixture first to get a clear view).

For the fifth and final bell, head up the staircase snaking around the wall opposite Dimitrescu’s portrait and cast an eye above to the window. At the correct angle, you’ll be able to spot a bell tower in the far distance. As you won’t yet have the sniper rifle, the only option is to line up a shot with the pistol and listen out for a ding to confirm a successful hit.

Once all five have been rung, the aforementioned corridor will open, granting access to the castle’s roof and a shiny new weapon. You’ll need a sizeable amount of cash to upgrade the welcome addition to your arsenal, of course, and you can see here for WGTC’s guide on how to get hold of Resident Evil Village‘s most valuable treasures.