SOMA Live-Action Series Announced


If you’re not quite done being terrified by Frictional Games’ SOMA, a new series of live-action films are being released on the development team’s official YouTube page. According to a report on GameInformer, the short films are prequels and set in the video game’s underwater world, Pathos-II.

This is not the first SOMA live-action video to be released. While in development, Frictional Games uploaded a series of trailers showing events unfurling in the facility, hinting at the game’s story and themes. This latest series – created in partnership with Imagos Films (who are responsible for the game’s teaser videos) – will be running from the end of September until the 5th October 2015. In fact, you can already check out the first episode above, which was released earlier today.

Entitled “Transmission #1,” it shows the machines being discovered in Pathos-II, depicting one such robot believing itself to be a human. The episode adds an in-depth and almost real look into the game’s story and background, so fans of SOMA will no doubt be intrigued by it.

SOMA is the latest survival horror game from Swedish developers Frictional Games and was released on 22nd September for PC and PlayStation 4. Click here to read our review of the game and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.