Sony Opens Up Beta Registration Ahead Of Major PlayStation 4 Update


Fancy getting in on the ground floor of the latest firmware update headed to PlayStation 4 before it’s released to the public? Sony has just the answer. In an post over on PlayStation Blog, the company opened up beta registration for the patch (firmware 3.0, apparently) with the testing set to begin in earnest sometime in September.

It comes as no surprise that Sony is planning to host a beta for the console’s latest software update, as it offers up the opportunity to stress test the various bells and whistles making their way to PS4 to ensure that they’re up to scratch. Should this be in preparation for firmware 3.0 as reports suggest, early testers can look forward to trying out YouTube broadcasting, Twitter integration and a revised user interface.

At least, that’s according to the leaked list of features that cropped up on NeoGaf early last week. Sony didn’t confirm nor deny the report itself, though going off of the detail of the features, not to mention the fact that YouTube broadcasting has been a long-requested addition to PlayStation 4, don’t be too surprised if the finalized list doesn’t stray to far from that found below.

“Event” menu is added that allows you to find events related to PlayStation, join them and watch them.
“Community” is added to “friend” menu that allows you to make new community or join existing ones.
“Now Playing” is added to “friend”, “community”, “message” and profile screen that allows you to display games members are currently playing. You can request to join their games or request to broadcast the game.
“Message” function has been improved that it displays “now playing” and allows you to start party easily. You can add groups to your favorite list.
You can broadcast via YouTube.
You can upload short (10 sec) game clips to Twitter.

If you’re interested in the chance of participating in latest PlayStation 4 beta test, you can sign up over on Sony’s official page.