Sony Poised To Showcase PlayStation-Branded Virtual Reality Headset At TGS


According to a report published by Eurogamer, Sony is set to unveil a new piece of PlayStation hardware at the Toyko Game Show, which will begin on September 19th, 2013. That device in question is an in-house virtual reality headset that has been designed specifically for the PlayStation 4, one which will naturally position itself as a chief competitor to the much-admired Oculus Rift.

Though the sources indicate that the peripheral is on course for a 2014 release, the VR prototype has reportedly been tested behind-closed-doors by a handful of first-party developers. These include Evolution Studios, who has implemented Sony’s model into their upcoming race title DriveClub, thereby allowing players to scope the interior of their race car in unprecedented detail. Given the British studio’s heritage with visceral gaming – the team at Evolution has developed 3D games since 2008 – it’s no surprise that the developer has been granted with early access to the nebulous piece of hardware.

Nevertheless, details are still scarce at this time. What’s interesting, though, is that Sony initially planned to unveil the first-party VR headset during their press conference at Gamescom, before deciding to withhold the reveal until a later date. Perhaps the company wanted to gauge the feedback from developers such as Evolution Studios before deciding whether the hardware should be championed as an integral device for PlayStation 4 or a supplementary add on.

Though rumours continue to swirl, Sony, however, is remaining mum on the touted device. President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida stated that “we don’t talk about that” when asked about the company’s perspective on the input method back at Gamescom last month. With that said, this news is a clear response to the stance of the Oculus company regarding their own hardware, after it clarified that it wishes to remain independent to work on a consumer friendly Oculus Rift.

Alas, the Japanese giant has had a tumultuous history with the third dimension across all their devices – particularly television – and given that the company’s HMZ-T3W will retail for £1,300 when it hits stores this November, 3D gaming may be a novelty for many gamers for some time yet. What do you think, though? Does a Sony-branded virtual reality headset peak your interest? Let us know below.