Sony May Reveal Spider-Man 2 For PlayStation 5 Next Month


The countdown to a new console generation has begun.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer officially kicked things off at last year’s Game Awards with the unexpected announcement of Xbox Series X, though what of the software giant’s main competitor? Sony has yet to pull back the curtain on PlayStation 5 and, besides a wholly unsurprising logo reveal for the brand’s next-gen offering, we’ve yet to learn anything substantial. That could all be about to change if recent rumors doing the rounds online are to be believed, however.

Having already confirmed that it will once again be skipping E3 for the second year running – the event that’s historically always played host to new hardware showcases – PlayStation fans have been left to their own devices in attempting to discern when exactly the PS5 will be unveiled. Currently, the most likely window agreed upon so far is as part of a special event in February which, among other things, could be the stage where Sony shows off a number of new titles, including none other than Spider-Man 2.

The sequel, while not officially in the works, is heavily rumored to be in development at Insomniac Games and slated for launch sometime in 2021. That’s according to unverified claims provided by v17447377 (catchy name), at least, who posted an extensive description of the title over on Reddit last week. In it, the individual claims a source close to Insomniac detailed several villains intended to appear in the sequel, as well as a number of gameplay details. Venom, Mysterio, Carnage and Green Goblin are just some of the Web-slinger’s iconic enemies name-dropped in the leak, though it remains to be seen exactly how accurate the bold claims turn out to be.

Assuming Sony truly does intend to host a PlayStation 5 reveal event next month, though, fans can likely expect an announcement to come soon. If that first hurdle is overcome, then Spider-Man 2 will undoubtedly be present. Watch this space.