Watch: Sony Reveals PlayStation 5’s Boot-Up Sequence

PlayStation 5

Right at the tail-end of yesterday’s impressive PlayStation 5 event, Sony dropped a bombshell by finally revealing the physical unit of its much-anticipated fifth console.

Boasting a futuristic design, replete with eye-catching white panels and the recognizable blue-toned lights of its forebear, it’s fair to say that Sony has delivered yet another aesthetically pleasing system that’ll slot in nicely into any gamer’s entertainment center.

While there’s no word yet on a price-point or a specific release date, we do now know that Sony’s next-gen console will launch in two separate configurations: A standard edition, and an all-digital edition. The former features a thicker design that supports physical media, and the latter is a thinner unit that lacks any sort of optical drive. Obviously, it’s safe to assume that the all-digital version will be the cheaper option, much like the all-digital Xbox One S that launched last year for $50 less than the standard model.

Meanwhile, though you may’ve missed it, hidden amongst the deluge of yesterday’s trailers was a sneaky teaser for the PS5’s boot-up sequence. Indeed, while it may function much like the PS4’s start-up screen, it looks a little bit different to what we’re currently used to on Sony’s fourth home console.

Once the system boots up to the start-up screen, a button prompt appears, which is a pretty standard procedure for all of Sony’s consoles. However, it looks noticeably faster than the PS4’s start-up sequence while also sporting some glitzy particle effects that are reminiscent of the PS3’s boot-up screen, too. You can check it out below.

Of course, Sony hasn’t officially confirmed that this will be the PS5’s boot-up sequence as of yet, so we’d suggest taking the footage with a pinch of salt, but it certainly looks very likely to be the upcoming system’s start-up screen, right?

Tell us, though, are you as pumped as us for Sony’s next-gen console? And what do you think of PlayStation 5‘s new start-up sequence? Let us know in the usual place down below.