Space Hulk Ascension Heading To PS4 With Physical Release


Space Hulk logo

HR Games and Funbox Media are teaming up to bring Space Hulk Ascension to the PS4 with both digital and physical release versions. The PlayStation release comes as HR Games have signed a PAL deal to bring this latest Warhammer 40,000 tie-in to the platform.

The strategy title was originally released for PC back in 2014 to solid reviews, and this new PlayStation version is set to come with extra content and refinements to improve the experience. Putting you in control of the heroic Space Marines, you’ll fight your way through over a hundred campaign missions as you attempt to null the threat of classic Warhammer enemies such as the dreaded Genestealers.

Space Hulk Ascension is more than “just” a strategy game, however, and it offers RPG-style customization options and a large reworking of the mechanics of the original. Its dark and gritty approach to the classic conflicts of Warhammer 40,000 will likely leave players desperate for more and more, so it’s just as well there’ll be over hundred hours worth of content in this brand new version.

Currently set loosely for a European release in 2016, Space Hulk Ascension is even set to bring a gorgeous, Games Workshop-inspired cover to its physical release, which you can check out below.

Space Hulk cover

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