Square Enix: An HD Final Fantasy XII Depends On Final Fantasy X HD’s Success


The high definition remastering of Final Fantasy X and its sequel Final Fantasy X-2 could pave the way for further HD remakes, including the beloved Final Fantasy 12 from the Playstation 2 era, according to series developer Yoshinori Kitase. Speaking to RPG Site, the Japanese game director singled out the twelfth iteration in the franchise as a potential source for a future project.

“What I can say though is that I hope the remastering of X and X-2 will trigger similar projects for more of the past games. I mean, if we HAD to single out one of the vast number of Final Fantasy titles which we could make in HD, it would have to be Final Fantasy XII. I was not involved in the project, though, so we can’t really comment on that.”

“We’ll have to wait and see if these remasters are going to be successful, first. If they do well, I think this will pave the way for more of the previous games to remade in an HD sort of quality.”

From PC to iOS, Final Fantasy has become one of the most accessible gaming franchises in recent years and almost every individual title is now available on a variety of different platforms. However, with Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD being released on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita later in the year, the only iteration not to be redeveloped for another device from Hironobu Sakaguchi’s famous series is Final Fantasy XII – which has been tethered to the Playstation 2 since its initial release in 2006.

If there’s one studio that has a wealth of old games to bank on, it’s Square Enix. After undergoing a significant restructuring – which included CEO Yoichi Wada stepping down as president back in March – the company finally appears to be stabilising their influential and genre-defining studio. Their presence at E3 proved to be somewhat of a welcoming respite in the midst of the tidal wave of shooters and racers, and by reaffirming the long gestating Final Fantasy Versus XIII – albeit under the new moniker, Final Fantasy XV – as a tangible game, the early signs for Square Enix’s immediate future are predominantly positive.

Would you like to see the luscious lands of Ivalice rendered in high definition? Indeed would you be interested in replaying Final Fantasy XII should it be remastered? As always, let us know below.