Square Enix Files For New Deus Ex And Hitman Trademarks


In keeping with the time-honored tradition of outing unannounced Square Enix titles by looking through the publisher’s trademark filings, Siliconera has uncovered new marks that could end up becoming future Deus Ex and Hitman games.

Square Enix’s latest trademark is a recent European filing for something called Deus Ex Universe. As is always the case, the actual paperwork does not mention what this particular Deux Ex mark will be used for, but the name certainly sounds as if it belongs to something along the lines of an MMO.

Square Enix also filed a pair of Hitman trademarks for Hitman Sniper (which could be something similar to Absolution‘s Hitman: Sniper Challenge pre-order incentive) and Hitman Go. Based off the name, I’m guessing that Hitman Go is another one of those mobile spin-off titles that nobody was asking for.

At any rate, Square Enix trademarks usually end up being actual products, so you can bet that this is not the last time that you hear these Deus Ex and Hitman names.

We will keep a look out for any official mention for all three marks and let you know as soon as anything is announced.